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midnight apothecary

midnight apothecary


i do love london’s pop-ups. they are definitely one of the things i will miss the most when we move on.

this was one of my favourites so far – a woman called Lottie Muir (a volunteer gardener) transformed the garden above Brunel’s famous Thames Tunnel into a fantastically beautiful garden bursting with vegetables and flowers, crazy fake birds and an abundance of bees. and on saturday evenings through august and september, the bar is open and the team serve cocktails infused and garnished with ingredients from the garden for “Midnight Apothecary”.

i’ve come away with some ideas for when i’ve got my own garden … i took one look at the beautiful chaos and was smitten.

as well as trying both of the tasty cocktails on offer that evening (a gin & lavender fizz and a strawberry & mint martini) we also had a tour of the grand entrance hall which, up until recently, has not been accessible to the public for 145 years. it’s an incredible feat of engineering and has a really fascinating history. the museum is planning on transforming the old grand entrance hall into a live music venue – brilliant.