the blue door around the corner, fulham - photo by leonie wise
we are coming up to our fifth year of being in london. for me, coming from new zealand (where the largest city i’d lived in contains about the same number of people as commuters in-and-out of london every day) this city was a shock.

i am unlikely to ever really know this place. my neighbourhood, perhaps. but even where i live there are streets that are unfamiliar to me; i don’t know their names, have never walked down them, do not know where they lead.

i have walked past this tree, this blue door, this wall up to five times a week for the last 18 months. and it wasn’t until i made this photograph that I noticed the green bricks.

does this ever happen for you? you walk the same way, over and over without really seeing it until something happens or you stop and take a really good look?

2 thoughts on “explorations

  • it’s fascinating, isn’t it…how we sometimes don’t see what we’re seeing?
    i know that i miss things sometimes, even when i think i’m paying attention.
    fortunately a camera helps with those green bricks…

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