mildly seductive tuesday

it started with coffee in bed and the sleepy promise of a lie-in tomorrow.

i had burrowed so far down in the bed during the night that my feet were hanging over the end. i don’t know why i think of this now.

horror – about the amount of work not done yesterday. wondering how on earth i’m going to keep up. surely, someone will catch me out, trip me up at work and speak the words aloud that i currently feel deep “she’s a fraud everyone! she has no idea what she’s doing!”

…yet it doesn’t come.

this tuesday has me dreaming of faraway places and a photo project to complete before i turn 40 in august. i am excited. and gently chiding myself for dreaming up yet another project before i have finished the current ones.

i’m grateful it’s not monday – i shudder to think of a repeat of yesterday, though dinner last night was nice, and the lovely Amanda has generously gifted me her holga.
it’s not wednesday either – that middle of the week day that i’ve started using to do some study
it’s not limited edition – there’s one every week and it’s always in the same place. there is some comfort to be taken in that i suppose
i’ve got no films to collect, no amazing literary predictions to make, no announcements, no secret plans that need revealing… this too brings me a quiet sort of delight.

there’s just the cycle home (in what looks like rain) and some baking to do for anzac day. I need to phone my sister to say happy birthday.

what’s seducing you?

11 thoughts on “mildly seductive tuesday

  • The power of creating my own reality, just spent the weekend at the Quantum Warrior training with John Kehoe :-). Not only got to introduce him but also did an exercise on stage (part of his quantum time work).

    Truly Blessed!

    • Yup, that’s a pretty amazing place to wake up. Must go out into the wilds of England again soon I think. I always feel better after a trip to a quiet place.

  • i just woke after 11 glorious hours of much needed sleep to a rainy day and a gym day at that. boy, i hate when it’s time to start going back to the gym after a hiatus, (there always seems to be a hiatus).

    i have an artist reception tomorrow night and i’m certain someone will yell out, ‘how the fuck did she get into this show?’ although i’m hoping it doesn’t happen…

    and another opening on saturday night, an embarrassment of riches, truly, and i sit here trying to seduce myself that it’s as it should be.


    • I’m so happy you are sharing your art in public spaces. I honestly believe everyone who sees it will be happy too.

  • Hello! I’m a new reader. First of all, your photography is lovely.

    And now I’m just commenting on this post itself ;) I too always feel like I’m not getting enough done and there’s always more I have to do, but funnily enough a couple blogs I follow lately have had posts on this subject that really helped me! All we can do is finish what we can. Be content with what we do complete and be easy on ourselves. We’re trying, and that’s what matters! There’s only so many hours in the day, and we can’t control that. But life can be chaotic at times and rather than let it overwhelm me, I’m just trying to go with the flow!

    • Hello Kimmy, nice to have your company here :)

      Thanks for your thoughtful response, that is the truth about just doing what we can.

  • Well, mine started with that sleep in you were looking for, pinned by cats with sunshine streaming down the hallway. It followed with brunch with H at Scopa. My seduction was sealed with a lovely Balance class in the sun at Extreme. Tonight I find myself alone again, a theatre widow, so I am indulging in the family pinot, a satay with delicious soba noodles, and a stack of girly DVDs. I will look forward to an early night, and the hope of no major crises at the office tomorrow. This has been a week of calm and panic almost simultaneously!

    • Sounds lovely. And I can totally relate to that feeling of calm and panic. I think I need to wake up somewhere like Pete did to calm down and re-ground!

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