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monday morning

monday morning


There’s a library book next to the bed that I am not inclined to finish. Gone are the days when i will read a book to the end regardless of whether i am enjoying it. Back to the library it goes.

It has been a weekend of non-fiction… Some cookery books (Sunday Suppers, The Ethicurean, Plenty More) plus The Latte Yearsmy friend Phil’s first book. Beautifully written, this memoir about a time (mostly in her 20’s) when she makes some major life changes, is a book I really enjoyed reading. There were parts of the story I already knew and parts I didn’t, parts that made me giggle and parts that brought tears to my eyes. I guess, because I know her, reading the book was the next best thing to having her sitting here next to me with a cup of tea (or a pint!) and telling me in person about the bits I didn’t know. She is living proof that change is possible and she had nothing but encouragement for me as I was training for my first half-marathon. I am so thrilled for her and can’t wait to read whatever she writes next!

I read an article over the weekend that suggested that the first email I send each day be to someone saying thank-you. So today I did just that. I have no expectations for any replies, but I think I am going to love sending little notes of thanks out into the world at the beginning of each day.

I am excited about my week (I am always excited about my week). It contains spin classes, HIIT classes, pilates and (for the first time since the half marathon), I will be going for my first very short run to see how my foot is. theres a skype call with a friend in Canada tomorrow, a meeting with a new client later in the week, a wall hanging I have made that needs finishing, duck prosciutto to make, a new course to check out on creative live (thanks Fernando!), plus a short work week for Nic as we head away for a long weekend this coming weekend.

Awake at 5:30 my brain is charging ahead into the day. It would be so easy to tear off after it once Nic has been fed and I have dropped him at the ferry, but I sit and meditate first, knowing that there is time for everything and my day will flow better because I allow myself this.

The fuel light glows orange at me on the drive home but the petrol station isn’t open yet. My grocery list is full but the supermarket isn’t open yet either. And, even if it was, I know the shelves will have been stripped bare over the weekend and the first of the trucks bringing more stock from the mainland might be on the island but the food won’t have been unpacked yet. Not for the first time i think perhaps i need to move my grocery shopping for the week to another day…

I have a roll of 120 film to be developed that I put into the holga so long ago I’ve forgotten what is on it, there’s an aphid infestation in the garden I need to deal with and a batch of black pepper tincture I’m itching to make.

Have a great week everyone, I hope you are as excited about yours when Monday rolls around.

* photo is a re-edit (well, a removal of the PS filter I had applied) of one from around this date in January 2012 – a long weekend in the Cotswolds with some of my favourite women on the planet.