i am the first coffee of the day
i am a broken bottle
i am the handwritten letter
i am the last page
i am your word for 2010
i am borrowed time
i am the lid you can’t get off the jar
i am the stuff collecting in the back of your couch
i am underscores
i am the squeaky wheel
i am the cheque that’s in the mail
i am your first bite of watermelon
i am the perfect spiral
i am unsubmitted
i am a birthday party limousine ride
i am an empty box of matches
i am the smell of your grandmother’s talcum powder
i am the dead plant on the windowsill
i am the piano tuner
i am the mice in the barn
i am the dust kicked up from doing doughnuts in the holden
i am a swing made from an old tyre
i am the promise of things to come
i am the old man’s slippers
i am forgotten stories
i am burt munro’s vision
i am more than my 800 words a day

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