the notgoodenough’s

i’ve got some big stories {the not good enough lies} that cover me like many layers of clothing built up over many years.

some of them go like this:

you can’t
so don’t even bother
who do you think you are
you’re not good enough to do that

it has stopped me in my tracks many many (many) times over. i read/hear/see parts of my story lived and written in others stories also. and i often wonder what the point of even trying to express myself is, when others are more eloquent, more creative, more daring…

and still a tiny budding part of me keeps pushing through the drought-stricken soil of these lies, up to the light of creative freedom, towards the expression of my{TRUE}self

  • i have an etsy shop stewing in my creative pot – seasoned with love and encouragement from friends who believe in me (more on this when i’m ready to launch)
  • i have a sister who showed me how much fun photography can be… how to look at the world through inquisitive eyes
  • i have a community of people around me that continually question, learn, grow, encourage & support each other
  • i have a growing faith in myself, in my unique way of seeing the world, in the gifts that i can bring to this life, to this world, to the people around me
  • i am ready to start shedding these layers of not-good-enoughs. they’re getting heavy.

what kind of not good enough lies are you ready to be free from?

3 thoughts on “the notgoodenough’s

  • It’s more likely to be ‘not young enough’ for me these days – heading for another birthday keeps this thought uppermost! :)

  • ooh…i hope you do open that etsy shop!

    i sooo relate to this post. i feel like i’ve been captive to my not good enough’s and am finally ready to believe in myself. i’m not too sure what is freeing me from it right now but it sure feels good!

  • Hello luvie,

    I have had 3 gin and tonics so my post may not be completely coherent at this point but please, PLEASE! Open that Etsy shop!!!

    You are so remarkably, amazingly, beautifully, perfectly good enough that I can barely even imagine you thinking otherwise.

    I love you, sister. Keep growing that faith and keep sharing your amazing gifts with the world. We NEED you, don’t you know?

    Big love,


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