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a new name, the same journey

a new name, the same journey

today, there’s been a name change here on my blog… it feels (at the moment) less like chocolate covered musings and more like postcards from the journey i am making – both in the world and in the discovery of myself. i don’t write much, about enough to fit on the back of a postcard, so i felt that this title is appropriate for right now.

along with this name change, there’s been a clearing out… old corners, old blog posts, swept out, pared down to under 50 entries, cleared to make room for whatever might come… who wants to read my blog posts from 2005 anyway (not even me)!?

i was born with a restless spirit – looking for something that was lost long ago…
trying desperately to find a place in this world to call home….
enjoying the journey as a way to discover pieces of myself, a way to expand, to experience life…
trying to always see my journey from the perspective of learning and love.

i wander with companions: my husband joins me on this part of my journey, as do a dslr, a polaroid, a kodak brownie and other friends, both on and offline

friendships are forged over tea/coffee/wine and trips to the quiet countryside.

please do join me for a part of my journey…. and whatever you are seeking – adventures without leaving home, new places to discover, quiet, inspiration, joy, comfort, a slice of crazy pie, or love; may you find a piece of it here.