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nothing much happened (12)

nothing much happened (12)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

something from the archives

found whilst browsing through old polaroid scans this morning… a trip to the cornish coast, christmas 2012 staying in this fabulous cottage right on the beach at millook, widemouth bay

something for pleasure

i’m enjoying the “mailchimp presents” all in a day’s work series of animated shorts

something i wrote

i am the door of expectation and exhaustion

i am the one who repeatedly knocks

i am all the hours you waited for redemption

i am the debilitation of being ignored

i am a wound, filled with things unspoken

i am lowering myself, limb by limb to the floor

i am the holy woman and the heretic

i am the one with her mouth sealed shut

i am the catalogue of your dreams

i am the thunder that wakes you from sleep

i am the flames of ambiguous grief

i am the intimacy that seeks out belonging

i am your hidden powers

i am the prayer that heals you

i am the testament to your awakening

i am the heartbeat of the living

i am the memory of the dead.

(october 2020)