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nothing much happened (11)

nothing much happened (11)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

made me look // something forgotten

“One of the downsides of running a laundry shop is sometimes people drop off their clothes to be cleaned and they never come back to pick them up or, crucially, to pay the bill for services already rendered. Reef Chang came up with the idea of styling his grandparents in some of the forgotten clothes from their Taiwan laundry shop and started posting the results to Instagram.”

something to watch

after reading the review of gunda over on concrete playground, i am really keen to watch it.

something to savour

it’s ANZAC day on sunday, so we have a public holiday in nz on monday. i plan to savour the extra day off, even though it means a busier working week to come. we’re catching up with friends for some southern-syle bbq tomorrow then going to see the brickman exhibition at the museum and brunching with friends on sunday. i’m looking forward to sitting in bed eating croissants in the morning, finishing the book i’m reading and doing a bit of autumn cleaning.