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nothing much happened (15)

nothing much happened (15)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

remembering to breathe

we have a woman called Rosie who visits our office every Tuesday to lead the team in a 30-minute meditation. today we were guided through a series of exercises focusing on our breath, specifically deep belly breathing. This is the kind of breathing that activates the vagus nerve – responsible for the triggering a deep relaxation response in the body. It reminded me that so often we (I) shallow breathe and don’t spend anywhere near enough time focusing on one simple practice that can help our bodies (my body) in a transformative way.

dodging the rain

My daily commute involves two bike rides punctuated by a ferry ride both morning and night. Today I managed to get to work and home again without getting wet – the rain torrential about five minutes after I got to the office and ceasing again before I made my homeward journey later in the day. I will take these small victories wherever I can.