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nothing much happened (14)

nothing much happened (14)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

a moment

we get a lot of birds at our place – tui, ruru, kereru, warblers, kingfisher, shining cuckoos and others. and we very often hear kaka screeching overhead but don’t often see them. today was an exception. this one stopped to feast on the berries of a nikau palm this afternoon.

a reminder

love this reminder to hā ki roto, hā ki waho (breathe in, breathe out). print by maimoa creative.

a phrase (or two)

+ 10 items or less. we watched this movie on the weekend. it was delightful. i am also in autumn clean out mode, so decided to adopt a 10 items or less principle as a daily practise to help with the receding tide of things in our home. 10 items to donate, gift or dispose of daily seems like an achievable goal.

+ the golden pineapple. i have no idea what to do with this phrase (yet). one for the backburner.