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nothing much happened (18)

nothing much happened (18)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

some things i found on my internet wanderings

+ draw an iceberg and see how it floats

+ 10 minute incense. tiny incense sticks that look like matches.

some thoughts and observations from my morning ride to the ferry

  • i wish i had my camera with me – the morning light on the water and the rocks at the shoreline was mesmerising
  • my feet are cold. it’s probably time to think about wearing shoes
  • the bus stop on rata street is getting an upgrade. the concrete pad wasn’t there yesterday. that’s nice
  • the sun is spilling through the teeth and over the lips of the earth as i ascend the final hill. there’s a few more months of riding through the darkness into the light before the days stretch into summer again.
  • has it got too cold for afternoon swims?