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nothing much happened (21)

nothing much happened (21)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

Chalk board sign that says

something calculable?

Happiness (t) = w0+ w1  γt−jCRj+ w2  γt−jEVj+ w3  γt−jRPEj Which all boils down to: Happiness equals reality minus expectations.

+ can happiness really be distilled down to a simple mathematical equation? lori gottlieb thinks so (I’m not sure I agree).

+ also on the subject: the geography of happiness

something new

i went to a favourite local charity shop today and found four perfect fluted vintage-retro coffee mugs. with their rich, milk-chocolatey brown glaze and simple geometric pattern they were impossible to resist. better yet, they’re stackable, so their demands for cupboard space in our tiny kitchen will be minimal.

something to be grateful for

i worked from home today, and had the house to myself. this meant…

+ i could sleep in an extra hour
+ my commute time was about 30 seconds
+ i could work in my super-comfy yoga pants and hoodie, hair tied back in a messy bun