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nothing much happened (22)

nothing much happened (22)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)


something of a mystery

the gulls at the ferry terminal flock to the port and starboard sides of the boat as we leave the terminal in the mornings. they glide up the boat, circle around and come again. my theory is that they’re slipstreaming, enjoying the thrill of the air moving beneath their wings, but I really don’t know.

something to laugh at

the Auckland comedy festival is on right now and we had tickets to see a show tonight. We met up with a couple of friends beforehand for a quick bite to eat, then crammed ourselves, shoulder to shoulder, in uncomfortable chairs in a small private room at the back of a brew pub. it was a two woman stand-up show – one taking the first half of the hour, the other then taking the second. the first one got more laughs from me, the second too crass and spoke too fast. but I sincerely admire their courage for standing up and facing the abyss that an audience represents.