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nothing much happened (23)

nothing much happened (23)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

a new beginning

today’s beginning was grumbling out of bed, quiet light and a cool morning. the vines in the valley near our house blanketed in low cloud.

a new road

there’s about four different ways I can do the final approach to my office on my bike and I usually choose one of the same two routes. today I took a new road. it was a steeper climb up the final hill but I did see a fabulous entryway on the way.

a new loo

we’ve been losing water recently. not so much that you’d notice looking at the tank, but enough that our pump was turning on without us running any taps. as all our water is collected off our tiny roof, we don’t like to lose any. turns out the toilet had a slow leak. so today we got a new one put in. it’s a different shape to the old one so now I have some painting and tidy up to do.