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nothing much happened (04)

nothing much happened (04)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

something I learned

I learned a new word yesterday (unrelated to the conference I attended): Pareidolia. You know when you see things in the clouds, like rabbits or dragons or dolphins or whatever? that’s one example. another is thinking there are hidden messages in music played in reverse or at lower speeds (i distinctly remember a time in my life where this was a fascination for so many people i knew).

something i got for free

i got a list of 101 story ideas from “the world’s only economist turned storyteller” who spoke at the conference yesterday. my current favourite from the list is … how you met your best friend (we still talk about, and marvel over, that beautiful collision). maybe i’ll tell you about it some day.

something that surprised me

one of my colleagues gave me a lift from the airport back to the ferry at the conclusion of our travels today. he had a podcast playing as we travelled. it was equal parts nonsensical, funny and ridiculous and not at all what i assumed he might like to listen to on his commute.