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nothing much happened (06)

nothing much happened (06)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

something to read

i’ve got a pile of books sitting next to me that i am partway through, or have yet to begin. i do this a lot – buy books, then leave them sitting around in heaps until i’m good and ready to read them. the pile i’m looking at contains:

  • i am pilgrim by Terry Hayes
  • stay curious – How we created a world class event in a cowshed by Clare Hieatt
  • grounded – How connection with nature can improve our mental and physical wellbeing by Ruth Allen
  • petal power by Julia Atkinson-Dunn
  • yearbook five – Dedicated to one percent better by Hiut Denim

somewhere we wandered

nic and i went out for a walk today on two of my favourite tracks on the island. they’re mostly bush and have a beautiful stream running through part of the track called the cascades. i always feel better after being in there.

something that surprised me

a friend told me about a new vegan ice-cream today – salted caramel. conveniently, nic was at the supermarket at the time of this discovery and brought some home. they were delicious.