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nothing much happened (09)

nothing much happened (09)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

an invocation for beginnings

let me think about the people who i care about the most, and when they fail, or disappoint me, i still love them, i still give them chances, and i still see the best in them. let me extend that generosity to myself …
… let me thank the parts of me that i don’t understand, or are outside of my rational control, like my creativity and my courage.

three minutes of inspiration when you’re tired of all your excuses

something devoured

we had a new designer join the product team last week so we headed out for a welcome lunch today. we ended up in the back streets of an Auckland suburb that harbours a delicious secret: some of the handsomest sandos (sandwiches) in all the land. it’s situated a block of shops, mostly closed with shutters drawn, a laundromat next door being the only other industry still displaying an open sign on the door. the menu is simple: just four sandwiches to choose from, every single one a masterpiece. and their coffees are worth buying, just for the art (though they taste amazing too).

something surprising

one of the houses neighbouring ours is owned by two women who live on the mainland. Over the years we’ve struck up a friendship with them and often make time to catch up when they’re staying next door. I bumped into them at lunch today – they live just around the corner!