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nothing much happened (10)

nothing much happened (10)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

a different perspective

I cried at the end of the Oscar winning short film “the silent child“. It saddens me that deaf children are treated this way. Makes me wonder if we’ll ever achieve a truly inclusive mentality in our societies.

something to look forward to

we enjoyed an overnight stay at roads end cabin earlier this year, our time cut short due to a lockdown. despite the brevity, it was a fabulous stay. our hosts had pre-warmed the hot tub and it was ready for us to clamber into when we arrived. with stunning farmland and a view down to Brighton beach, it felt like we were miles from anywhere. We’re planning to go back for a longer stay later in the year when the weather is cooler and we can stay in the tub until our skin is wrinkled and the stars come out.