nothing much happened (01)

(observational notes of exquisitely ordinary moments)

something that surprised me //

i took myself for a stroll on the beach in the late afternoon and noticed a heron, gliding quietly through the grasses in the dunes, its delicate neck waggling before lifting and carefully moving each foot forward. later, as i made my way back to the car, i saw the same heron, a dead rat in it’s beak. i watched it pick up, shake, then drop the rat over and over and over. i imagine it was trying to figure out how to get into this tasty morsel it had discovered. it was still going 10 minutes later as i completed my quiet observations and left the heron in peace. i hope it figured it out, but i reckon if birds could swear, it might have been doing some of that.

something to read //

+ the do book company have a new book out called Do Team – How to get the best from everyone by Charlie Gladstone. this discovery led me down a rabbit hole to some other delightful discoveries as i attempted to find out exactly who the author is

+ Matthew McConaughey’s book Greenlights is being mentioned with high praise in myriad places that i frequent, so i’ve added it to my ever-increasing virtual to-read pile

+ my bestie gifted me with an anthology that contains one of her poems and i am slowly devouring each of the contributions, savouring each one as if it was my last meal. Carol worked on the creation of the anthology along with other students enrolled in a creative writing course at NMIT. she was also interviewed by lynn freeman on radio new zealand’s standing room only (#proudfriend). you can find out more and buy a copy of the anthology from the kiss me hardy website.

something to listen to //

i’m really enjoying Ólafur Arnolds new album some kind of peace right now.