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your heart knows the way


i’ve got a whole mood board for you, november. you were thrilling, challenging, seductive. you found ways to guide me back to my own path when i strayed on to someone else’s. you were a high-stakes game with little time for mistakes and plenty of opportunity for learning.

you were cold and grey, blue skies and sunshine – a dichotomy of seasonal variances that warmed my face and chilled my bones. you were full of tiny victories; you whispered notgoodenoughs in my ear and drove me to distraction. 

you were sunlight on the palm trees i can see from the window where i’m sitting. you were duck prosciutto, home-made cider, gardening. if we were a friendship, we would have fought, and made up again, over a dozen times. you filled me with wonder, and brought me to my knees begging for mercy.

you were alchemy and moonlight, seasonal rituals, perturbation and surrender, one wild ride.