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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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i’ve got one saturday and one sunday every weekend and i’m going to squeeze out every last drop from them – especially when they smell like summer, sound like laughter, and contain mystery dates with my husband.

i watched a gannet soaring high above the sea today, wings outstretched in the blue blue sky, closed my eyes and imagined what it would feel like to soar like that… carried by the wind, watching the waves for my next meal. i often dream about being able to swim underwater and have, more than once, woken feeling the thrill of being carried on the thermals like the graceful flight i saw today. do you ever dream about these things? being in flight, or swimming deep beneath the ocean without having to carry dive tanks and depth & air measuring devices?

nic went mountain biking with a colleague whilst my sister and i sat and talked for hours and hours about big things and little things, funny things and serious things. we ate out. we ate in. we ate outside. i took nic on a date to a surprise location and we sat, in the sunshine, writing love letters to each other. i will cherish those tiny cardboard love notes for years to come. of that i am sure.

polaroids, sunshine, wildflowers on the dining table. eggs for breakfast, burgers for lunch, too full for dinner. kimchi, spa pools, sheets drying on the line. warm breezes and cool rosé. a still swollen ankle and the overwhelming desire to run anyway (but i don’t). one sleeping cat, one missing cat, one back-when-the-sun-goes-down cat (all the same cat).

art given away. furniture given away. more art made. other furniture bought.

hello december. hello crowded ferries running constantly behind schedule. hello summer. hello sleeping with the doors open. hello life we are making, re-making, inventing, discovering.