paint and palette

wells next the sea - abstract photograph - copyright leonie wise all rights reserved

a lot of my brothers and sisters studied art at school and a lot of them are incredible painters. when made to choose because of conflicting timetables, i picked performance music. it’s years since i’ve played the piano and part of me wishes i had stuck with art, become proficient in darkroom film processing, picked up a camera in my teens instead of just a few years ago.

it is only after making thousands of photographs that i am realising that cameras can be my brushes and the whole world is my palette.

Art is a leap into the void, a chance to give birth to your genius and to make magic where there was no magic before.
– seth godin, from his manifesto, “we are all artists now

5 thoughts on “paint and palette

  • Leonie,
    Wonderful soft mystery and delicate color in this capture! Images like this are very refreshing, as they point out that not every picture needs to have strong value contrasts to be arresting.
    Like you, I came to photography only more recently and have also found it to be the perfect “brush’ and paint to capture the world with. Aren’t we fortunate to have found this medium?!
    Happy creating to you,

  • Leonie, this capture is so beautiful and my first reaction when i scrolled down…wow a painting! Love your words…i am realising that cameras can be my brushes and the whole world my palette!

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