park point

the ingredients for an optimal sunday are sometimes as follows: enjoying a long black in bed whilst catching up on long reads, a leisurely walk up and down the quiet pathways, hillsides and bays of park point, listening to reb fountain with the windows open, hanging clean laundry from the ceiling, drinking iced coffee, reading build your house around my body with Milo sleeping on my lap, eating pumpkin & chocolate chip cookie with coconut ice cream, messaging friends, and slowly watching the sun paint from one side of the house to the other.

nic also has some photos of our walk over on his blog

2 thoughts on “park point

  • What a dramatic little scene – that rock barely still attached to the mainland, and the tree hanging out over it.

    • The whole coastline is so pretty. The trees in the shoreline are called Pohutukawa and they’re very often precariously balanced :)

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