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postcard from brugge

postcard from brugge

hot air balloon over brugge. by leonie wise

i am up early(ish). the morning light is soft and golden, the sun not yet high enough in the sky to bring the harsh white light of the times between blue hours. peeking out the window i see a hot air balloon gliding over the stepped rooves of the city.

it’s not the perfect photograph. if i’d been looking a few moments earlier, the composition would have been better. a few seconds later it was gone.

i wonder how many other things i am missing because i am too early or too late…
…then i think about all the things i’m not missing because i’m right here at this moment.

empty streets in brugge. by leonie wise

green door on the canal in brugge. by leonie wise

brugge is tiny. i think i covered half of it on a photowalk one morning. the streets were empty of tourists – it was just me, a couple of other photographers and the locals, queueing outside their local bakery-deli to get their morning rolls, cheese, salami.

moules frites in brugge. by leonie wise

we ate moules frites, drunk beer, ate chocolate & belgian waffles. i came home with a couple of hefty blocks of cheese and some kitchenware (put me in a city, i’ll sniff out a kitchen shop in no time). we hung out with two of the people we love most in the world.