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the empty room

the empty room

Richmond park spider web

It is the last day of their stay. They’ve done London (well… as much of it can be done in a week). It’s a hot one and we catch the train to Richmond, then a bus to Richmond park. After a walk, some of us barefoot, we stop at a nearby gastropub for lunch, then head back to our place so they can pack and head to the airport.

We’ve had a steady stream of visitors staying at our place since the middle of June. Some passing through briefly, some using our spare room as a stepping stone for a while before going elsewhere in London. We’ve had a flatmate that my beloved calls my other husband, who is moving back in now that others have been and gone. I’ve missed her.

And, while it’s been fabulous having all these friends visiting, and I’ve got my other husband moving back in soon, it’s feels so amazing to have an empty room. I truly have loved having them all here and now I love that they’re not. There are jobs to be done that get pushed to one side when there are people here and there are fun things to do with them. This place we live doesn’t feel like our home right now, as it’s in a little more disarray than I would like. I’ve got art that needs framing, shelves that need clearing of clutter, a fridge that has more condiments in it than real food items, a stack of books waiting to be read.

This weekend promises a continuation of the Indian summer London has been graced with these past few days and I’m looking forward to a nice long bike ride in the sun. No visitors. No fixed plans. No sights to see or anywhere to be but where I fancy.

Happy weekend friends.. What are your plans?