postcards from bristol

so, me and husband are both big banksy fans. and when we heard that he had an exhibition on his hometown of bristol, we thought we’d better check it out.

we got up early and caught the train over, arrived about midday and stood in a queue for about 45 minutes to enter the museum. it was quite definitely worth the wait. the crowds were massive and it took a bit of patience to get a clear shot of anything on the ground floor. a lot of shots, like this one, just required me to stand and wait for a few minutes and be ready to shoot quickly!
banksy vs. bristol museum

there was stuff hidden in parts of every floor of the museum and it was like playing some weird game of treasure hunt.
banksy vs. bristol museum

we found an interesting exhibit in with the fine bone china
fine china

a silent lamb
the silence of the lamb

and a fascinating specimen in the stalagtite and stalagmite display
banksy vs. bristol museum

there was a whole room full of animations, including a disturbing tweety bird, that blinked slowly
banksy vs. bristol museum

a mother cctv and her babies
banksy vs. bristol museum

and a gorilla contemplating his painting, whose face moved so subtly that i didn’t notice it at first (i wonder how many other people wandered by without noticing the expressions)
banksy vs. bristol museum

fantastic day out. people of england, if you love bansky, you’re gonna love this.
more photos up on flickr of course

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  • Like basquiat, he has come in from the cold of the graffitied walls and is making his mark now in the lounge of the art gallery….. ! I like his appropiation and subversions…….. what to say huh? Creates a doorway into some amazing dialogues….

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