the final hours

(more) postcards from california

writing from a hotel room as our flight has been delayed by 12 hours, so we don’t get to go home as soon as we’d hoped

thankful, to the boundary-less point beyond words, for friends opening their homes to the we-who-have-no-place-to-call-home


not the london underground, hermosa beach

lifeguard station, hermosa beach

fisherman, hermosa beach

stars & stripes, hermosa beach



hermosa beach pier

hermosa beach pier


p.s. looking for moustaches? they’re over here!

4 thoughts on “the final hours

  • How do you do it? How do you take places I have never been interested in going to–or in this case, a place I generally want to avoid (California)–and make them look so irresistible? =)
    And all those London photos down below… *swoon*

    And I did not hear about the New Zealand miners until I saw your blog today, but I will keep them and their families in my prayers. And you in my thoughts. =)

  • gorgeous shots ~ the reflections ones remind me of old shots from around the 1970’s.

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