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postcards from california

soaking up some california sunshine

hanging out with friends in Santa Barbara & Hermosa Beach, drinking wine & sharing stories

catching up with old work buddies

thankful for the time i have right now to consider where my road is going


santa barbara, as seen from the top of gibraltar road

guess where the mail slot is…

shoreline, santa barbara

fishing, santa barbara

firestone vineyard. last stop on our winery tour, santa ynez valley

sunset, hermosa beach

sunset, hermosa beach

a pelican hovers above us looking for fish, hermosa beach

bel air

venice beach style

space invader strikes again, venice beach

sunset, venice beach

manhattan beach pier

manhattan beach pier


p.s. looking for moustaches? they’re over here!

  • jaime
    02/12/2010 at 05:46

    … and more sun rays….LOVE that top photo!!!!!

  • Ashley
    01/12/2010 at 19:53

    What beautiful photos! It almost feels like I’m there, in the sun, when I look at them.

  • Swirly
    01/12/2010 at 15:35

    So glad you are having a fun trip!! I love seeing places that are so familiar to me through fresh eyes.

  • Emily
    29/11/2010 at 09:10

    i love the blurs, fuzzies and light blobs in these. i hope you had a gorgeously warm & sunny vacation! {{still no snow in london, but i’ve got my fingers crossed for tomorrow!}} xo