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postcards from an autumn day in london

postcards from an autumn day in london

i love the golden glow of the autumn sun and exploring parts of london that have been on our list for a really long time.

like the highgate west cemetery…

the sleeping angel on mary nichols’ grave. her husband arthur nichols died on the titanic.
this angel is carved from one piece of italian carrara marble and (if anyone was to make one today) it would cost over £250,000.00. there are no other known sleeping angels on and no-one really knows why this one was carved as if sleeping on the job.

this tiny horse stands in perpetuity on top of a young man’s grave. there were some theories that this lad was one of the queen’s horsemen, however he was only 21 when he died. it would have been highly unlikely that at such a young age he could have got anywhere near her, let alone been part of her household staff.

the circle of lebanon. this circle was created by earth being excavated around an ancient Cedar of Lebanon

…and a little more of regents canal. from camden lock

getting totally excited about reflections

and sunlight

to islington tunnel.

from there we walked through angel, up to highbury & islington, stopping for refreshments

before taking a bus home

(this last photograph was my submission for the 3rd prompt from the street photography now project)