the unphotographable

the invitation from a friend
the mystery
the acceptance
the excitement
the three-times-changing of clothes
the early arrival
the joyful greeting
the plan revealed
the exclamation of delight
the cursory flashlight security check
the queue jump
the shadow catchers:
the shape of a woman as if splayed above us on a table of glass
the empty chair
the considering of what underlies the visible
the suggestion of loss
the capture of moments that no longer exist
the tiny leaf
the butterflies
the four seasons arches
the photograms
the artist in gumboots standing in a field
the return for another look at the glass-table shadow
the exit
the brompton lunch
the conversation
the laughter
the coffee served in demitasse cups
the mystery date ends
the parting kisses
the return to being one
the unphotographable
the memory remains

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