postcards from montreal

dear friends,

my heart is full to bursting because of tiny jewels, of happy accidents: chance encounters, random crazy moments of what-the-fuck-just-happened, feeling my heart change beat to sing in time to the drummers in the park, noticing the sound of the tap in the kitchen dripping and the hum of the refrigerator in the corner, finding the best coffee in the neighbourhood and making new friends of strangers.

magic lies in places like this. the discovery of a new friend via the blog world that leads to a meeting, then a trip to her fair city. i`m referring specifically to the lovely jeanine, whose house i sit in as i compose these first few lines to you.

i have so many photographs of this trip and a feeling that, even if i wrote for days, i simply could not portray to you just how much fun these few magic-filled days have been.

so instead of trying, i shall simply share some glimpses with you:

wandering the mile end streets
star sprinkler corp
canon 5d mkII, diana+ lens

(i walked by the day after i’d taken this photograph to see the guy polishing his unicorn)
dodge van

quirky shops, filled with interesting assortments
a basket of brushes in a funky 2nd hand store
canon 5d mkII, diana+ lens

an amazing garage sale find. i mean who could resist the temptation to buy the polaroid spectra close-up stand duplicator for only $2. WHO? (i suspect this one purchase alone now qualifies me as a camera junkie of the strangest kind)

crossing to the other side of the tracks (loving the discovery that my jeans were folded up to different lengths)

to visit the fresh food market
jean jalon market

tiny jewels of happiness

interesting locals
chill out in the park, with your birds

tam tams in the park
tam tams

the montreal jazz festival

great shop windows (yes, i did buy the moustache)

vintage chic

and gardens bursting with colour
orangey orange

a visit to beautys luncheonette: a montreal institution (for a full diner breakfast experience – including the crap filter coffee)
beautys luncheonette

then to another for sodas

renting a bixi bike and cycling to the top of mont royal in the evening to see the city

the exhilarating ride back down the hill through the cemetery and a beautiful encounter with a raccoon
an encounter of the most magical kind

the BEST vegan food i have ever tasted in. my. life.

back streets and alleyways full of surprises
love these patterns

pizza and wine in the back yard, complete with tiki lanterns (which prompted this post by jeanine)
tiki lanterns
canon 5d mkII, diana+ lens

and a photobooth session for the finale – the results of which had me laughing so hard that my sides hurt & i had tears running down my face. i still need to work on my photobooth face!

there has been life, love & laughter in spades.

with love to you, wherever you are

12 thoughts on “postcards from montreal

  • The interesting local? Your feet and slightly squiffy jeans? Perfect imperfection. Ahhhhhhh.

  • You have certainly convinced me that I’d like to visit Montreal! Sigh another place on the long, long list! Glad you’re having such a fun time!

  • Your Montreal adventure sounds (and looks) amazing! So much colour and life – those tomatoes are fabulous.

    I am very intrigued indeed by your Polaroid Spectra contraption and have been thinking of tiny things you could put in there to photograph. At first I thought maybe a stag beetle would be cool, but then I imagined the Polaroid slowly developing to show him screaming into the lens and banging with his little beetley fists ‘let me out’. That wouldn’t be nice to see.

    Anyhoo, can’t wait to see what you do with it! :) xxxxxxxx

  • dear, sweet leonie. YOU are the magic of the world. i adored every single second spent with you and already look forward to our next encounter.

    as for the raccoon, worry not, peeps. i studied applied zoology at uni and worked in a vet clinic and animal shelter. i know wild animals are unpredictable, though i assure you this little guy showed absolutely no signs of aggression.

  • so much to ooooooh & ahhhhhh about!
    love your description of your heartbeat
    matching up w/the drum…
    love the photos you take of people ~
    the man w/birds, the man drumming..
    always fresh & beautiful foods here too..
    all & everything/delightful!x

  • Loving these photos, these views of your time away.
    Um, that one with Jeanine and the raccoon? That’s scary! I never knew they came that close to people.
    ~So glad you enjoyed yourself. xo

  • Great shots! Loved the guy with his birdcage in the park. Takes all kinds :-) But, um, raccoons can be very dangerous, you’re much braver than I to get that close to one. We have several in the back yard that find their way on to the porch and they are not nice. I’ve even had one run at me, hissing and snarling in the yard. Frightening!

  • i love this post so much. it so beautiful to see montreal through your eyes!

    au vivre…isn’t it dreamy for the belly! i always have to go there when i’m in town!

    that image of the dude at the tam tams is SO the tam tams! it was one of my favourite things to do in that city…go see all the folks drumming and all the folks lounging on the grass!

    and of course it makes me oh so happy to think of you and jeanine together.

  • Looks and sounds like a fabulous time. Didn’t know you could use a Diana lens on a Mark II.

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