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airport alphabet

airport alphabet

next time you’re on the way to somewhere and you have a number of hours to kill, might i suggest a little game of airport alphabet?

check out my recent game here: airportalphabet.tumblr.com. created because i had the time and needed to spend it doing something creative.

i managed to get the whole alphabet, then (halfway through uploading) realised i was in the wrong terminal at charles de galle (and if you’ve ever been there, you’ll have an idea of how disastrously this story could end), so i cut my internet connection and sprinted for the bus to take me to the right terminal. i finished my upload after i’d reached my destination and my heart rate (& stress levels) had returned to normal…

still, if i’d been in the correct terminal the whole time, this game might have turned out differently.

i’d love to know if you decide to play it whilst travelling somewhere!