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postcards from the wapping project

postcards from the wapping project

wicked-cool restaurant/gallery/book store in the wapping hydraulic power station.
(i apologise in advance for their website)

they make a mean bloody mary and we wish we’d been there sooner – it is totally going to be our sunday morning hangout until we move from east london.

(props to nic for the above photograph)

Currently showing in the gallery (as part of the london design festival) the work of Paul Boudens – space designed by designer Bob Verhelst.

We’re planning to make this kind of ‘floating room’ in the middle of your big space.
The entrance will be via your small platform (with the stairs to the left) but we’ll have stairs leading into the room from the middle of the platform.
The room itself will look as if it is made of scrap material, painted black, so the first view will be quite uncanny. Bob wants to play with light that comes out of slits in the thing.
The inside will be wallpapered with prints of my work (1990-2010): walls, floor, and ceiling.
Source: London Design Festival

people in glass houses shouldn’t…