the shed project

just a quick note to let ya’ll know that my friend bindu wiles would love to have you join her for The Shed Project.

starting 14 september, spend 8 weeks losing it… letting go of whatever it is that you need less of in your life – be a little or a lot.

she’s got lots of cool stuff lined up for participants including a private flickr group, videos, guest writers (me included!) and more, more, more…


head on over to her website to read all about it and sign up


3 thoughts on “the shed project

  • I’m a ditz. I was curious and went over to find out more via someone else’s link to Bindi’s adventure. I liked what I found and signed up even but just realised, on following your link it was a twitter link to another sign up adventure.
    Ummm yes …

    I don’t think I have much to shed, on reading. I left everything in NZ, didn’t bring much to Belgium after Turkey, and these days I still don’t really have much more than books, my camera gear, my laptop and some clothes. I’m not brilliant at collecting stuff … moving countries seems to have seen to that. Well that, and an impressive ability to completely fail in making money :-)

  • I’ve already signed up … and so excited to start the journey (I’m kind of already ‘shedding’ at the moment … but I figure an early start will get me on the right track sooner). :)

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