first swim of the summer

{postcards from wellington, nz}

i have sand in my hair and i got a little sun,
i took my camera in the water so i could show you the view from my swim.
the water was cold, but not as cold as where most of you are right now!
hope you are keeping warm and staying happy


this is houghton bay; one of the many bays around the south coast of the north island of nz

p.s. looking for moustaches? they’re over here!

4 thoughts on “first swim of the summer

  • how fun! I especially love the photo of your dark-ocean-colored nail polished toes peeking out of the water. and I can’t help but be a little bit envious as I am stuck in the northern hemisphere with cold weather and endless gray skies.

  • Wonderful! Funnily enough, though I’ve stopped there in the car a few times, and of course run past, I’ve never actually been down to the water at Houghton Bay. It’s not summery here in Taranaki right now. It’s pouring with rain and very windy. At least it’s not cold though. I may have to go for a walk in the rain at some point as I’m still getting intermittent urges to go lie down on the wet grass. Though with all the puddles out there if I lie down I might drown!

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