i rented a lens today…
a Very Nice lens. then froze up. (performance anxiety at it’s finest)
i expected all my images to be A.MAZ.ING (and they weren’t)
i questioned my sanity
and my place in the world
(this became BIGGER than being just about my photography skills)
spent time vocalising some of my angst
and internalising the rest
i drank wine, toasting an absent friend
i wandered familiar paths
and found some new ones
and ended the day taking my favourite photograph of the whole day.
which i would love to share with you
so here it is; my gift to you…

how has your day been friends?

sunset, owhiro bay, wellington (unedited: this is what it really looked like i swear)

14 thoughts on “today

  • you’re doing bad things to me ~ making me want to hop on a plane already! though, of course, given our weather i might have a little trouble escaping big ol’ london right now ;)

  • wow! I believe you! I have some unedited sunset photos that are similarly spectacular. =)

  • Gorgeous photo – what a stunning sunset!
    And don’t worry about that silly lens, you are a fantastic photographer!
    PS – I have the 85mm f/1.8 you can play with when you’re back, to compare

  • Thats beautiful, it almost makes me want to live in Owhiro Bay again
    Though now I love Christchurch, too
    (Don’t show too many pohutukawa shots, OK? Or I will really get homesick for Wellington :) )

    Hope you feel better tomorrow

  • Awesome shot Leonie, if you had a creative block i wouldn’t know it from this photo.

  • What a gorgeous photo!
    I’ve put off renting any special camera lenses for this reason, because I’d be afraid to spend the money only to find the muse isn’t there. Also, I’m cheap. :)

  • WHOA…what a picture! Seems kinda worth the moans & groans of earlier in the day.

    And I too can totally relate…when I got some Holga film developed, I was sure I’d taken a million groovy pictures, only to realize the majority weren’t all that. Just makes it all the more sweet to get the beauty like this picture here!

  • oh, i know exactly what you mean! when i got my first DSLR recently, i expected every shot to be frame worthy. and when they aren’t, its hard not to get a little frustrated.

    this photo is really splendid :)

    xo Alison

  • We had a gorgeous sunset yesterday, so yours MUST have been this amazing. I remember looking at it yesterday and thinking how beautiful it must look next to an ocean. Now I know ;)
    I’m sorry you had a hard day. I hope that it’s passed ~and if not~ I hope that you tread gently. xo

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