postcards from wellington

even on the greyest of days, wellington will surprise me with colours, shapes and reflections that suit my quiet & contemplative mood.

would love to hear your news.
please write?
with love,


4 thoughts on “postcards from wellington

  • hey there :)
    love your postcards from nz
    glad you are happy and shooting beautiful pictures :)
    we too are surrounded by grey days but you know, colour does abound should you have the eyes to see it
    happy christmas! hope you get all that is on your list.

  • I have learned that Seattle is similar–very colorful even on gloomy days. I especially love that flower, so stunning! There is not much news here, just busy with the holidays and trying to keep up, and trying to finish the revisions on my novel so I can send it to a publisher early next year. =)

  • Oh I love these images! My news is that this is the craziest of crazy holiday weeks, but it is all fun stuff, so I’m enjoying the ride! Big hugs to you my dear.

  • :) it’s been blistering cold here with whip you in the face winds and light dustings of powder sugar snow. The holidays are in full swing, yet sadly I do not feel at all dazzled.
    I wish I could have a coffee with you – a big, fat, foamy cappucino with a heart on top or a quick espresso. Hoping you & N are doing good in NZ. xo

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