richmond park

i took only one photo today. very few yesterday (this was one of them).

technically, it’s really pretty rubbish.
yet, i like it.

because it reminds me that we got up early yesterday and joined hundreds of other cyclists, runners, dog walkers and photographers in the early morning glow of richmond park. it’s mating season and the deer are roaring. the early morning fog made for a stunning sunrise. we got in a good 35km before breakfast and it’s reminded me how much i love being on my bike. we used to spend a lot of saturday mornings doing early rides before breakfast. i can see more saturdays starting like this (hopefully with longer rides and better photos).

5 thoughts on “richmond park

  • Beautiful. Captures the feeling of an Autumnal morning perfectly. I love the two figures under the trees as well. I often visit to enjoy your photography, thank you for sharing.

  • Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, all of it ;). That’s why I come here, your photos are stunning…

  • now see, i like this photo because i can totally picture you and the mister out on your ride. xoxo

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