1 // after getting up early to get trailer loads of compost/soil mix for the new gardens, we have a friend over for breakfast and a catch-up

2 // i have some mending to take care of – some for him and some for us. this sewing basket was made for me by my paternal grandmother many years ago and i treasure it

3 // strawberries!

4 // i leave my muddy birkis outside to be washed by the rain that’s arrived on saturday afternoon

5 // we are up just after 6am sunday morning to go do our HIIT at the beach. we’re wet and cold and covered in sand when we get home, but feeling good for getting up despite the damp conditions

6 // some mail writing for a snailmail parter

7 // you can usually tell it’s me that’s been sitting on the sofa if it’s littered with open cookery & photography/design books with sometimes full / sometimes empty cups & glasses on the arm

8 // i love our little family

2 thoughts on “weekend

  • love the wet rainy images. good for you to get up so early!
    those last two pictures look so homey – speak of lovely contentment.

  • So funny. I was thinking over the weekend,”Who do I know who might have Vibrams…THE WISES’. I was going to ask tonight if you’d tried them : )x

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