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1 // the beautiful sunshine I was gardening and digging under yesterday is replaced by torrential rain the morning. I’m out in it anyway, finishing some of what I started yesterday. I’m soaked through, cold, and my clothes are covered in mud by midday; a hot shower + some ginger tea is just what I need to warm up

2 // can you tell just how interested in gardening Milo is? Or going out in the rain? Yup. Meh.

3 // I love this quirky little island

4 // these little beauties flower early in the spring, then form a gorgeous crimson hem around the tree when they fall

5 // this weathervane wasn’t moving, but the ferry ride into the city was quite bumpy! (as was the return home). also, that spells WISE! Kind of…

6 // the cubic structural evolution project by Olafur Eliasson at the auckland art gallery. thousands of white lego for people to play with

7 // a quick japanese izakaya (pub food) dinner before a show that’s part of the auckland fringe festival. weird and interesting in equal quantities (the show, not the dinner)

8 // i love Anne Lamott’s writing. Help, Thanks, Wow was just what i needed to read right now