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scenes from the weekend

scenes from the weekend

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+ it is weekend full of bargains, thrift shop finds & fantastic foraging; conversations about the gift economy and the currency of giving that is thriving amongst friends & family

+ friday night i am home alone at my friends place in napier. nic facetimes me and gives me a tour of the repairs our builder friend has managed in the past two days, including finding and fixing the leak in our hallway.

+ earlier in the day, i dropped some photos off at the photographer’s gallery in town in preparation for exhibiting in july and i’m freaking out a little about the loss of control – even though there’s nothing more i can do from here. they have the pictures and the prices and it’s time for me to let go.

+ she returns from yoga, i pour wine & make us an easy meal of sausages with kale & roasted chickpeas

+ he comes home from a shared meal and the three of us sit on the floor in the firelight, sharing wine, cheese and conversation.

+ solstice morning

+ he goes off to a biodynamic block course, she goes to teach yoga, i send an email to past contributors of weekends collected letting them know it’s up and running again

+ the loo blocks up and i spend the next hour wandering the house looking for a plunger, or some other way to clear it out before she gets home. no luck.

+ she comes home and sorts the loo out in about 2mins flat. “the perils of living in an old house”, she laughs

+ nic arrives from auckland and she and i collect him from the airport and head out for lunch at smiths

+ we drop Nic back at the house and head out foraging for 2nd hand clothing bargains

+ then go hunting for a dvd, trying a few places before wondering if the title we’d been requesting wasn’t quite right (it wasn’t) and maybe one of the places we’d already been might have it (they did)

+ back home for wine & cheese with our men and watching some of the movie

+ before putting on our glad rags and heading out for a smashing dinner at Pacifica

+ best ugly bagels for breakfast with smashed avocado and spicy micro greens

+ the Sunday markets at Hastings. chillies, seedlings, venison salami and a few other goodies are purchased

+ home for venison pies and to pack up the car

+ I say my goodbyes and drive north again through the golden sunset to end my day on the farm where my sister & brother-in-law live


Car inventory napier-bound

  • one cat for delivery to the cat hotel on the island
  • six framed and six unframed prints for delivery to the photographers gallery

Car inventory homeward-bound

  • one cat collected from the cat hotel
  • one handbasin for the bathroom (2nd hand find)
  • seedlings, winter greens, salami, chillies and chocolate from the farmers market
  • micro greens
  • three merino tops, a gardening shirt and a gardening jacket (2nd hand finds)
  • three new lampshades (one new, two 2nd hand)
  • one flatscreen tv (unanticipated, but kinda good to have for watching movies, and game of thrones)
  • home-made sauce and pickle
  • raw milk
  • a massive bag of lemons, oranges, mandarins
  • a passionfruit plant
  • a box of jars
  • a box of apples
  • some blackboy peach stones
  • a big plastic tub (for my seaweed tea to go into)
  • six lovely squash for soup & chutney
  • ten windows (for a greenhouse i plan to make)
  • masses of spices and rock salt for preserving (hard to get in bulk on the island)
  • a box of seedlings from awapuni nursery
  • a box of tealight candles


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have a great week everyone!