season of sun

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it is the solstice today at 06:05. i am up and getting ready for a day at the races. it’s grey and cool and not feeling at all like the season of sun. i am hoping for a dry weekend so we can get out on our bikes.

last year on the summer solstice i was in the cotswolds, visiting with emmajo and the newest baby bradshaw, picking elder flowers and having afternoon tea.

it was a much more summery affair.

[photo friday]

3 thoughts on “season of sun

  • What IS that amazing looking thing? Is it a cake? Pancakes? Unicorn bait? It looks amazing!

    • Oooh, I never thought of it being Unicorn bait, but they would probably love it!
      I didn’t make the cake, but I think it was an elderflower and lemon layer cake – I just remember it being super delicious

  • love these photos. & yes to bring on summer (but it is perpetual spring like summer-ish weather here)! I do so like the longer days.

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