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always be giving - a new manifesto

Manifesto 2013 by Leonie Wise
manifesto by leonie wise

three years ago, around the same time as now, i wrote a manifesto and shared it here. it’s one of my most visited posts of all time. i wanted to give it a design refresh and add some new thoughts to it, so i enlisted the help of a wonderful designer – jo from the darling tree. she has made my words into something i think is much more beautiful to look at.

so now, i offer this to you again for free. and this will always be free, and downloadable indefinitely (probably until i make a new iteration of it sometime in the future).

print it out, share it, tweet about it, pin it, whatever you like…. anywhere you like… just please don’t edit it, remove my website link, sell it, or in any way try to commercialise it or pass it off as your own.

» JPG file –  download the A4 size | download the Letter size


manifesto text

live your wild & beautiful truth
dream, create, inspire
claim your space, you belong here
sleep under the stars
explore the edges
be willing to try
listen to your own ancient wisdom – it will lead you to amazing places
grow things
practise kindness
be your own first choice
work, play, rest
keep it simple
respect the environment
allow yourself to be guided by curiosity & delight
smile at strangers
be present
it’s okay to say no
begin again
ask for what you need
make stuff
trust the process
tell YOUR story
always be giving