shadows and horizons

Here the land bleeds into the horizon with only trees and  light to mark where one ends and the other begins. More than once i fall in love with the curve of a fence in the snow, or the shape of a line of trees.


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One of the biggest mistakes I made on the first photography workshop I did with David duChemin was not asking enough questions, fearing that it would seem that I didn’t have a clue. This time was different – I let joy be my guide instead of fear; I became a shadow – following Martin & David around, asking what they were doing and seeing… asking them to talk me through their process, then finding my way to the images I knew I could make into mine. Some were similar to theirs, though never the same. Some so different I wondered if we were in the same place.

Open and empty, my heart felt like it expanded to fill the white spaces. I became the wideness, the wildness, the beauty, the quiet, whilst also being the singer, the song, the laugher and the laughter.

I was the shadow and the horizon.

I am forever changed.


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