red-crowned cranes

If the raptors provided the majesty, and the whooper swans provided the comedy on this trip around Hokkaido, then I’d say the cranes provided the grace. Don’t get me wrong, they have their goofy moments and it was often hilarious watching the juveniles dancing by themselves and practising their steps, but these beautiful big birds are amazing to watch and photograph.

I managed to photograph some of them dancing, however the quality of the images is disappointing. I learned a lot about zoom lenses that I didn’t know beforehand, including the fact that the extender I hired wouldn’t auto-focus when attached to the zoon lens I’d also hired! Consequently a lot of my images just aren’t at all satisfactory.

That being said, I have a few more shots from my travels to share with you.
More soon…


red-crowned cranes, akan crane centre, hokkaido, japan. copyright leonie wise - all rights reserved

red-crowned crane legs in the snow. copyright leonie wise - all rights reserved

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