enjoy the silence
enjoy the silence. photo by cambiodefractal

… i wonder why i bother writing/saying anything when others around me are more eloquent than i feel i’ll ever be

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  • Leonie,

    Thanks so much for the comment on my *8Things post. I would LOVE to meet IRL. Email me anytime you come to CPH!

    And please, try not to doubt your writing or your voice. Your story is important…may you sing it from the rooftops!

    Rachelle (Magpie Girl)

  • Hey! I wonder that same thing, also!!!

    But then I go back and read some of what I wrote in the past and think, “Damn, that’s good!”

    It is a JOY to find ourselves in the eloquent words of others ~ and therefore we need to share our own stories in our own voices.

    And tell that ‘not good enough’ gremlin to take a hike!

  • Oh I know that feeling well, I do!

    But I also agree with the other comments, but your voice is unique and it is yours :-)

  • because what you have to say is uniquely you and your voice is beautiful and yes i agree the world needs you, i know i do! xoxoxo

  • I hear you – I think that from time to time and nothing gives me writer’s block more surely that this line of thinking.

    I always eventually come back to the conviction that my life is unique, my stories and reflections and lessons are unique, my voice is unique and might be just the right voice/story for someone out there…

    I’m guessing that you get back there too, right? That’s why we haven’t given up altogether yet.

  • funny thing is, all my life people have told me I’m a good writer, yet I struggle with this sometimes too.
    even if others are more eloquent, you have a beautiful and unique perspective to share, and it is very valuable. I have never once been disappointed by anything you have shared.

  • Because they’re not you. No one is more eloquent about your truth than YOU. And the world needs you. xx

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