gratitude & gifts

it’s my birthday and
i want someone else to get the gifts…

Kiva - loans that change lives

ask my beloved and he’ll tell you i inherited the pack rat gene from my father…

over time, as i learn more about myself i realise that the reasons i have hung onto things historically are no longer true for the person i have become.

now i live from a place of abundance…
because i have learned that the more i give, the more joy and other wonders i invite into my life…
because i am learning the difference between want and need…
because i have so much and i am grateful for all of it.

so… today, i would like to give a couple of things away.


we are blessed to have been kiva loaners for a while now and it brings us immense joy to see others flourish because of our small contributions. today, i would like to giveaway a gift certificate worth $25 so someone else can change a life.


i would like to give away a photoblock valued at $20. this print is currently not for sale in my etsy shop though may be listed there in future. block dimensions: 95mm x 95mm x 19mm
wheatfields, polaroid
(will be slightly cropped to fit)

if you would like to be considered for these gifts, please think about all that you are thankful for in your life and leave a comment here listing five things you are grateful for today.

please feel free to share this with anyone you think would also like to be entered into the giveaway.

i will do the gratitude draw at the end of the week and email the winners.


15 thoughts on “gratitude & gifts

  • H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !

    Hope Nic spoit you to bits!!!

    Big hug and a hundred and one balloons to let go into the sky while you wish! xx

  • I think I am rather late, both for birthday wishes and to put my name in the drawing. That’s what a mini-vacation will do! At any rate, a belated happy birthday to you! And even if I don’t qualify for a prize, here is what I’m grateful for:
    1. friends near and far, online and face-to-face
    2. an indescribably wonderful anniversary weekend
    3. the beautiful world we live in
    4. warm summer days
    5. peace within and without

  • Happy birthday to you !!!
    5 things I’m grateful for : be surrounded by my family and to see them happy
    2. to be healthy be abble to help others
    4. to see the sunset in the morning and to be inspired by it
    5. to appreciate simple things in life

  • Happy Birthday Leonie. Hope you have had or are having a really fantastic birthday with those that mean the most.

  • Hope you had the best day and a better one to follow… savour every minute for me.
    These things I am grateful for
    1. having a sister like you who inspires me to be more outgoing and sociable
    2. being able to see the beautiful photos you are now taking
    3. seeing the places you go and the things you see
    4. a husband that pulls me forward to greater things than I think I can do
    5. care an concern to help others grow and see possibilities too
    6. a friend in nz who can do amazing things and tells me I do amazing things

  • happy birthday beautiful wise giving you, xooxxoo

    i feel as though i have been incredibly lucky these days with gifts of love so please let someone else win … i just really want to wish you happy birthday and muse on all that i am grateful for and as i sit here i realize i am grateful for everything in my life and i can’t wait to meet you and hug you and look into your beautiful eyes, xooxoo

  • Can I nominate someone? I would like nominate Susannah, not only for introducing us but, like you, giving something to others. Hell I’m far too mean spirited, I wouldn’t even cut up my Toast catalogues ;0)

    Happy birthday lovely,

    emma x

  • Can I nominate someone? I would like nominate Susannah, not only for introducing us but, like you, giving something to others. Hell I’m far too mean spirited, I wouldn’t even cut up my Toast catalogues ;0)

    Happy birthday lovely,

    emma x

  • H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y D A R L I N G !!!!

    I hope you are having a most delightfully marvellous day. :)

    1. YOU

    2. Sunshine on my lunch break

    3. Strawberries

    4. A new yellow linen top with funky 70s flowers

    5. Sitting together on the front porch with him

    Thank you for this beautiful idea. I am so fond of KIVA too, lovely work.

    :) xxx

  • Bonne anniversaire, dear Leonie! Hope this is a wonderful day for you, marking a fabulous year to come. You are so good to share your gifts with your readers. But don’t add my name to the list, as I have more than enough, thanks. Just enjoy and hopefully we’ll have a belated birthday drink in late Sept. in London – or Paris in December (and we’ll hit the flea markets). xoxox

  • happy birthday, sweetness…

    i hope you have a magical day
    filled with cake and bubbles and dandelion wishes.


    {what i’m grateful for? sweet bloggy friends, toast with butter and jam, chirping birds outside my window, family & friends, health….}

  • happy birthday darling girl!
    i am going to sign up to kiva and make a donation in your honour :)
    love sasxxx

  • Happy birthday, dearest name sister Leonie, fellow lioness heart!
    I am so blessed to know you and witness your beauty!

    And I have you to thank for introducing me to Kiva… I adore being an angel investor…

    Have a marvellous day celebrating amazing you,

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