the carpet is growing weeds again and
crocus blooms keeping thrusting themselves
up through the charcoal flecks
adding patterns of joyous colour.
it’s kind of annoying though,
i have to watch my step when i get out of bed.

we have guests coming on friday. i’m going
to have to put a sign up outside the front door
“beware the plants” or something like that.
and at this rate, i’ll be able to set up a stall
outside our flat, with an honesty box –
flowers for sale: 50p a bunch.
come back tomorrow, there’ll be more!

i’m half expecting to arrive home today
to find my husband clasped in the arms
of an affectionate nasturtium, or
wedged beneath the rowan bush.
i’ve no idea if the neighbours are having issues
they always take pains to avoid us.
have i got twigs in my hair again?

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