sunday for one

sadly emma couldn’t come and play with me today as planned. poor thing was struck down by some horrid affliction. feel better soon lady so you can come hang out with me….

i decided to head out anyway, since it was such a beautiful spring day in london town.



breakfast at the albion caff. a little bit disappointing this visit. thinking about trying somewhere else next time… eva dixon’s, fidel’s, santos & revel! – we miss you!!!


had to have this print: kill your tv. decided to go home and MAKE STUFF


all the lovely paper at cowling & wilcox

1. be a participant in the vertigo session of seamus ryan’s sunday shoots.
2. in the photobooths, same location

about a letterpress workshop in london. book #2 is already demanding attention

too much coffee. not enough water. bloody mary for breakfast. new zealand wine with dinner

the return of fly my pretties. played at least once a week at our place

what it would feel like to be home

how was YOUR day?

6 thoughts on “sunday for one

  • sunday? that was like two days ago and i have no idea what i did. i think i cleaned house. found my way through a massive pile of laundry. and wrote a lot of emails. and exercised on an elliptical machine while listening to music out of one earbud. and met friends for tacos with homemade corn tortillas and a cold beer. ok, i guess my memory is in tact.

    i f-ing LOVE you in those photos. and in your book. and all over the place. xx

  • OhDearGod. The awesomeness of you in those photobooths is too much. So wishing I could go for coffee or something a little bit stronger with you. Yes, I really do wish I could.

    I cannot wait for LeonieWise in letterpress…

    Love you to bits.

  • I walked around for the first time in weeks, and bought a present for my husband. Missing you and wishing I could come and spend the day.

    love you.

  • book me in for the letter press workshop too!.. I wish.. my day? blew out two screens aaargghhh and have a print deadline coming up..

    meet you at Eva’s babe. Been drinking Mt Difficulty Pinot Noir, delish. xx

  • too much coffee ~ agreed… same here.
    i started my day with marianne & some yoga ~ then had breakfast in the village ~ and walked ~ and cleared out more “stuff” at home (stuff = stuffing?) feeling light, and yet still not ready to start another week. ha.
    book two? have fun! :)

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